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Home Selling Essentials Every Malaysian Must Know

Home selling can be as emotional as it is daunting. Even homeowners in Malaysia who have had their fair share of home selling in encounters could not help but feel emotional when parting with one home to another. First time home sellers feel about twice or thrice the anxiety. Maybe even more.

house in malaysia

House in Malaysia

And it does not even matter whether you’re selling with an agent, FSBO, or through auctions.The whole process of having to enlist a home, wait for it to sell, and having to move out makes for a great recipe of emotions. Not to mention, all the technical stuff that comes with it is confusing at best and frustrating at worst.

Essential tips that you should know!

In my previous post, I’ve discussed home improvement projects that don’t help your home sell. Now to lessen the anxiety and avoid the drama altogether, here are some very important and useful tips and  their homes on the market:

  • Knowledge of Malaysian market trends. It does not matter whether you’re selling the house on your own or with an agent – you have to know when it is a great time to sell your house. Your agent can only do so much for you, his capacity is limited as far as the market is concerned. You might be wasting precious money on the real estate listings if you stay there quite too long not because your house is bad but because the market is simply bad. On top of that, being on the market for too long does not do your home’s marketability any good. You might end up having to lower your market price if you’ve been out there for more than three months.
  • Knowing the essential people involved in the process. Apart from your agent (if you’re having one), you’ll have to know a lot of other people including a good Malaysian real estate lawyer. You might also need the services of a home inspector, contractor, and home appraiser before putting your home in the market to ensure that you can sell at a competitive price. Include the mortgage officer in this list who will likely handle your payments.
  • Interior design and home design magazines. This will greatly help you in improving and staging your beloved home. Get inspiration from model homes like one from the very nice Vipod suites, on how you should present your own home when presenting to your prospective home buyers. You may also get tips from these magazines about how to improve your home to increase its market price. This is especially important if you do not want to get the services of a decorator and you want to do things on your own.
  • All the necessary documents. From land and home titles to the detailed record of your home’s repair and renovation history. These documents – most of them a legal requisite – should be prepared beforehand to make the transactions smooth and easy and fast. It will be very discouraging for the buyers to get delays especially if they want to move into the home sooner.
  • A lot of patience. Home selling in Malaysia is a process, especially in hot areas such as KLCC, Mont Kiara and Sentul. It is not something that you can finish within a day or two. You might have to wait a bit more for the buyer, for the money, or for a lot of other things. Getting frustrated won’t help your home sell more quickly so make sure that you have enough patience for it.

See some more tips in this article from Bettyjarvis.com.

Hope that helped you! You can contact me anytime at hello@averynicedesignstudio.org for concerns.


Avery’s Maiden Thought – Landed Property or Not?

Hello, Avery here – from your friendly neighborhood web design studio! I am going to talk to you today about the relative advantages and disadvantages of landed properties. These are the considerations I made when I started building up my web studio. I had wanted to rent a service apartment to be converted into my studio and then I had second thoughts…

Property Decisions…

Buying a property should never be a light decision. One of the main issues that a buyer will need to think about before buying one is whether he should look at condominiums or landed properties. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of landed properties here… in my humble opinion of course. 😉

The Advantages

  • Better Appreciation

Landed properties are known to appreciate better than condominiums in terms of value as more time goes by. In fact, this particular trend is seen in the majority of landed properties out there.

  • More Space

Landed properties are also a much better choice when you look at the living space itself.That was my main consideration when I was shopping around for a place for my web studio.

We used to be renting a place near the Sunway Pyramid shopping centre, but we have since moved on to Desa Parkcity

We used to be renting a place near the Sunway Pyramid shopping centre, but we have since moved on to Desa Parkcity

While condominium owners only own their units and have to share certain common areas with the rest of the residents in the condominium, landed property owners actually own the house and the land that the house is on. This means that they can do whatever that they want to with the land.

Some of the things that you could do with your land if you have a landed property is create a landscaped garden or simply use the extra space to rear your pets. These are some things that condominium owners cannot do. Some condominium owners aren’t even allowed to have pets in the building to begin with! This poses a problem as I am quite attached to Rover and Sammy, my two golden retrievers. :p

The Disadvantages

  • Higher Price

If the most important thing for you is to find a property with a low price, then you might not want to opt for a landed property. Generally speaking, condominiums are known to be much cheaper compared to landed properties, though this will also depend on the layout and size of the properties. In some cases, for example the condominiums in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) area, properties may have sky-high prices – indeed they can be more expensive than bungalows in the suburbs. For more information, check out http://klcccondominiums.com.my – a good resource on condos and apartments in KLCC.

  • Fewer Amenities

Some buyers might not be interested in buying landed properties because they do not have the extra amenities that condominiums tend to have in their pre-packaged sale prices. Upmarket condominiums usually have top-notch facilities that fit the top living standards of the people who live in them, for example, such as badminton and tennis courts, a swimming pool, a gymnasium and 24-hour CCTV security systems.


Think about it.. Luxury or practicality?

If you own a landed property and want the same conveniences as mentioned above, then you will have to join a gym or a sports center, as well as buy your own security system.

  • More Maintenance

Condominium owners do not need to worry about maintenance a lot of the time because the property’s upkeep will be dealt with by the condominium’s management company. This will cost a fixed monthly sum, though.

The Verdict

In the end, the choice to look at condominiums or landed properties will depend on why you want to buy one in the first place, though. If you want to invest in a property, then you might want to opt for a condominium since it will yield a higher return on investment. Plus, it costs less to maintain a condominium unit overall.

However, if you plan on living in the property that you buy, then it would be best to opt for a landed property due to its higher appreciation and bigger living space. In the end, it will simply boil down to your personal living style and preferences, though.

As for me, I finally settled at this place near my house called Desa ParkCity. It’s an awesome place, and I like it a lot. If you wanna come around, give me a call and coffee’s on me. 🙂 Here’s a handy map –

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Much love,