Home Selling Essentials Every Malaysian Must Know

Home selling can be as emotional as it is daunting. Even homeowners in Malaysia who have had their fair share of home selling in encounters could not help but feel emotional when parting with one home to another. First time home sellers feel about twice or thrice the anxiety. Maybe even more.

house in malaysia

House in Malaysia

And it does not even matter whether you’re selling with an agent, FSBO, or through auctions.The whole process of having to enlist a home, wait for it to sell, and having to move out makes for a great recipe of emotions. Not to mention, all the technical stuff that comes with it is confusing at best and frustrating at worst.

Essential tips that you should know!

In my previous post, I’ve discussed home improvement projects that don’t help your home sell. Now to lessen the anxiety and avoid the drama altogether, here are some very important and useful tips and  their homes on the market:

  • Knowledge of Malaysian market trends. It does not matter whether you’re selling the house on your own or with an agent – you have to know when it is a great time to sell your house. Your agent can only do so much for you, his capacity is limited as far as the market is concerned. You might be wasting precious money on the real estate listings if you stay there quite too long not because your house is bad but because the market is simply bad. On top of that, being on the market for too long does not do your home’s marketability any good. You might end up having to lower your market price if you’ve been out there for more than three months.
  • Knowing the essential people involved in the process. Apart from your agent (if you’re having one), you’ll have to know a lot of other people including a good Malaysian real estate lawyer. You might also need the services of a home inspector, contractor, and home appraiser before putting your home in the market to ensure that you can sell at a competitive price. Include the mortgage officer in this list who will likely handle your payments.
  • Interior design and home design magazines. This will greatly help you in improving and staging your beloved home. Get inspiration from model homes like one from the very nice Vipod suites, on how you should present your own home when presenting to your prospective home buyers. You may also get tips from these magazines about how to improve your home to increase its market price. This is especially important if you do not want to get the services of a decorator and you want to do things on your own.
  • All the necessary documents. From land and home titles to the detailed record of your home’s repair and renovation history. These documents – most of them a legal requisite – should be prepared beforehand to make the transactions smooth and easy and fast. It will be very discouraging for the buyers to get delays especially if they want to move into the home sooner.
  • A lot of patience. Home selling in Malaysia is a process, especially in hot areas such as KLCC, Mont Kiara and Sentul. It is not something that you can finish within a day or two. You might have to wait a bit more for the buyer, for the money, or for a lot of other things. Getting frustrated won’t help your home sell more quickly so make sure that you have enough patience for it.

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Hope that helped you! You can contact me anytime at hello@averynicedesignstudio.org for concerns.