Finding the Right Homebuyer

Home sales, except for the real-estate investors who do it for a living, are always an emotional process. One can never forego the affection, passion, and memories that came with living in a home. There are dreams built around it, moments created, and lives changed inside the four corners of a home. That is why homeowners who are selling their house never only use their heads in home selling. These moments tug at the heartstrings and every buyer visit is a bittersweet occasion.

Thus, home sellers never just rely on the numbers when choosing the right home buyer. They use their instincts, their gut feel. I cannot blame them if they seem to be emotionally-attached to their unit at The Manor, Penang and can’t seem to sell it wholeheartedly! 🙂 So, understand that they try to see beyond all the papers and the amount offered to find the right person to entrust what once was their family home to.

Here are some tips to finding the right home buyer:

  • Choose the buyer who negotiates fairly.

All home buyers will try to bargain. That is a known fact in real estate. However, some buyers would go beyond your limits and try to bargain at a less than ideal price. Sometimes, they bargain beyond the acceptable rates and bordering into disrespect. Don’t bother wasting time with these people. Instead, go for those who know the value of the house and those who respect you.

  • Meet your prospective buyers.

You don’t exactly need to be there, hounding the behinds of every person who takes a look at your place. There will always be two or three buyers who are taking more than just a look around – those who are really interested in your place. Take time to know them, it would not hurt to know what your gut feeling says about the person who will take over your house. It would be best to meet them at home too – you’ll get a look at how they will “look at” your home, how they “pry” and how they “touch” your stuff. Observe their mannerisms.

  • Go for the ones who took the time out to meet you.

You’ll know a good buyer when they go out of their way to meet their seller. Like you, they are looking to know the history of the house and the background of the people who once lived in it. Whether they are doing it for safety purposes, or over some sort of ritual or superstition, it is always a good indicator when the prospective buyers of your home want to meet you. Make time for these buyers and have a feel for each other. You’d never want your beloved home to go to someone you don’t think you can trust so go ahead and make time. (PS: I, Avery Nice— will say this only once so listen up: don’t let the fake ones try to sweet talk you into selling the house at an unfair rate however. Trust me, some people will do that so let your better judgment rule).

Your home has been a big part of your and your family’s lives. Make sure it goes to the right people – people who will care for it and love it the way you have. Good luck.