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George’s Five Questions On Property Acquisition In Malaysia

The Five Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Before Making a Real Estate Purchase In Malaysia – by George & Avery, the “Partners In Crime”,

A reader of this blog has emailed about buying a piece of real estate in Malaysia for the first time, referencing the “state of the Malaysian property market” op-ed that I published earlier (click here to read it). Here’s my response. Benjamin Heong (, thank you for your question!

Buying things for the first time will always have that feeling of excitement and exhilaration that only another first-time purchase could match. Buying your first home in Malaysia doubles up that first-purchase excitement. But along with this excitement come a lot of other obligations – payment forms, papers, not to mention the pressure of complying with all the mortgage loan requirements!

A New Chapter

But buying your first home should be the wonderful experience it’s supposed to be. Especially for newlyweds, this is the home where you are to build your life and family together! This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life and this is the home that will witness all the ups and downs you are to encounter.

Most Malaysians rank “buying my first home” up in their priorities list according to research done by MetroSherpa, the property portal (you can find this at

Drama aside, your home is your personal space and finally getting your own home is perhaps one of the biggest, most memorable accomplishments that deserve half a lifetime of applause. 🙂

So before you lose yourself in the drama and pressures on your way to getting your home sweet home (in Klang Valley or elsewhere), here are some things you should ask yourself to keep the pressure at a minimum.

George’s Five Questions On Property Acquisition In Malaysia

  • Question #1: What am I looking for?

The size of the house, the type, and also the location of the property are some of the things you should consider. The cheapest price tag may not be efficient in location. Do you want a landed property or an apartment?

For many first-time home buyers, they usually consider places like Puchong, Cheras or Petaling Jaya. I have many friends who opted to buy units at Paragon 3 at Seri Kembangan as their first homes. Paragon 3 is developed by Paragon Promenade Sdn Bhd which has got a pretty good track record in Malaysia property development. If you have got a bit of spare change, you can probably consider an apartment like one at Dua Residency (KLCC), or at MK10 (also known popularly as 10 Mont Kiara). Very good choices for first time buyers!

  • Question 2: How much can I afford?

It does not take a genius to know that you should only spend on what you can afford, ‘live under your means’ so to speak. You don’t want to get a mortgage plan that is more than what you and your spouse earns (although, you will get advice on this matter from your lender/bank) and risk a repossession after some years.

  • Question 3: What payment plan should I get?

How long would you want to be paying for your home? And how often would you like to make payments for it?

  • Question 4: Where would you go for your mortgage loan?

Choosing the right financing partners is essential in getting through your mortgage plan smoothly and effortlessly.

On top of getting the right plan, it is with who you’re making business with that matters in making it a wonderful experience. I have had clients who successfully secured loans at very good interest rates at CIMB and Maybank. If you need help on this, contact me – my details are on the right. 🙂

  • Question 5: How can I improve the home?

Sometimes, we decide on buying a house that has had its share of wear and tear and the seller does not make any effort at getting it in tiptop shape.

Any home would look good with some renovation - and this applies to these homes found on Old Klang Road!

Any home would look good with some renovation – and this applies to these homes found on Old Klang Road!

These types of property are both good news and bad news. The good news is that it should not cost a lot. They are a whole lot cheaper than newly built ones. The bad news is, it would cost you to get the home improvements it needs. Make sure the improvements do not cost you more than when buying a house that is more than ready to live in.

I usually get some really good home improvement ideas from this blog. Remember that a nicely spruced up home would result in capital appreciation – this is especially true for houses in areas like Damansara Heights and Kenny Hills. Properties in Bangsar are also aging, and will do well with some renovation. But that’s just my opinion, of course!

The Bottom Line

So, evaluate your situation and your financial capacities. Buying your first home should be a wonderful, memorable milestone, a dream come true and not a horrific nightmare. Call us in for the housewarming if you’re in the Klang Valley!



Hello, George Lee here, and I am Avery’s business partner. He has asked me to contribute and so here I am.

The Apply apartments in KLCC enclave, Malaysia is easily my favorite condominium development. 🙂 I was a resident in Park Seven for about seven months, but I have always wondered about the nearly Apply units.

So what I did was that I Googled for Malaysia property reviews and then I found this site called (the site URL is – go check it out!). It has got a compendium of reviews of real estate developments in Malaysia which I really like. It’s still a lot of work in progress, but the content is pretty awesome.

When I was moving out from my unit in Park Seven, I was considering of going to Marc Residence, Ceriaan Kiara, or the Binjai On The Park. Yes, I am completely in love with the KLCC area – it has got the unmissable view of the KLCC Park as well as the Petronas Twin Towers. Awesome!

Idaman Residence – My Choice

And so I finally settled down at the nearby Idaman Residence (click on that link for a review by the good folks at KLCCCondominiums). I managed to get a bargain because the prices have somewhat flattened over the past few years. Somebody told me that KLCC is not that prestigious anymore, but I begged to differ. I have always preferred apartments over landed properties anyhow. This could well change when I am hitched with children though…

The Malaysian government has launched a scheme for foreigners to own properties through the “Malaysia My Second Home” program. I am not sure if I am eligible for it, but my friends at local real estate agencies have advised me to do so. Since I am only renting a unit at Idaman Residence, I feel tempted to buy it outright because I like this place too much. My office is at one of the two towers, and so I walk to work every day and it’s really convenient. Also, Dua Residency (on Jalan Tun Razak) is nearby, and it houses a nice restaurant called “Delicious Cafe” which I like very much. Avery would come around and we would have a blast.

Till my next blog post…