Hello, George Lee here, and I am Avery’s business partner. He has asked me to contribute and so here I am.

The Apply apartments in KLCC enclave, Malaysia is easily my favorite condominium development. 🙂 I was a resident in Park Seven for about seven months, but I have always wondered about the nearly Apply units.

So what I did was that I Googled for Malaysia property reviews and then I found this site called (the site URL is – go check it out!). It has got a compendium of reviews of real estate developments in Malaysia which I really like. It’s still a lot of work in progress, but the content is pretty awesome.

When I was moving out from my unit in Park Seven, I was considering of going to Marc Residence, Ceriaan Kiara, or the Binjai On The Park. Yes, I am completely in love with the KLCC area – it has got the unmissable view of the KLCC Park as well as the Petronas Twin Towers. Awesome!

Idaman Residence – My Choice

And so I finally settled down at the nearby Idaman Residence (click on that link for a review by the good folks at KLCCCondominiums). I managed to get a bargain because the prices have somewhat flattened over the past few years. Somebody told me that KLCC is not that prestigious anymore, but I begged to differ. I have always preferred apartments over landed properties anyhow. This could well change when I am hitched with children though…

The Malaysian government has launched a scheme for foreigners to own properties through the “Malaysia My Second Home” program. I am not sure if I am eligible for it, but my friends at local real estate agencies have advised me to do so. Since I am only renting a unit at Idaman Residence, I feel tempted to buy it outright because I like this place too much. My office is at one of the two towers, and so I walk to work every day and it’s really convenient. Also, Dua Residency (on Jalan Tun Razak) is nearby, and it houses a nice restaurant called “Delicious Cafe” which I like very much. Avery would come around and we would have a blast.

Till my next blog post…